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Stage One

All wheels are stripped down to base metal. Steel wheels are shotblasted to remove the old coating and any rust that may be present. Alloy wheels are chemically stripped to remove the old coating. The wheels are then inspected for any signs of damage or fractures.

Stage 2

Base colour is then applied to the wheel using paint or powder depending on the colour chosen. The coating is applied to the face and back of the wheel and also to the inner rims to help tyre to rim sealing. The wheels are then finished with a clear polyester laquer coating.

Client Testimonials

  • «Moto-Wheels have worked for Dragonfly on numerous projects and their work is always of a high standard but more importantly the guys are flexible, courteous and reliable. We have no hesitation in recommending Dave and his team. »

    Joe McKenna - MD - Dragonfly Contracts

  • «We have always been more than satisfied with the powder coating Moto-Wheels have done for us over the last 12 years. We have always found him to be a very honest, realible, conscientious friendly person, and have recommended him to colleagues who have asked us if we knew a good powder coater. »

    Bill Thacker - Speedwell Motorcycles

  • «Moto-Wheels manage the coating of all my alloy wheels. They are very professional, the quality of the work is fantastic, their prices are competitive and they deliver on time ! I would have no hesitation in recommending Dave and his team»

    Mark Van Rol - MVR Racing Team

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Huge range of colours

Moto-Wheels has over 1,000 different colours to choose from. Colours are available in matt, satin, high gloss, clear, chrome, fluorescent, and metallic. Choose from a variety of finishes and textures including shiny to mat, smooth, rough or wrinkled.

November 20th,2013

Enviromentally friendly

The powder coating process involves no solvents or toxic chemicals. Powder that does not adhere to the surface can be reused. Less waste and no environmental toxic materials provides a cleaner, more efficient, and less costly coating option. We both save money with less waste !!

November 20th,2013

Long lasting protection

The powder pigment and resin adhere to the surface and are heated and cured to give a tough coating to an item. Powder Coated Tough means a more resistant finish to UV fading from the sun, as well as effects of acids, moisture, and chemicals.

November 20th,2013

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